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What is the "Cloud"?

It is many things but some people only know iCloud. iCloud is a cloud based service from Apple where files can be stored such as pictures, documents,  and backups to name a few ideas. It is no different than in your office where you may store files on a premise-based server located in the IT room or closet. It is just located in the "cloud". The cloud is located in a datacenter which is typically accessible over the internet. When considering moving IT services in your business to the cloud, your datacenter can very well be the same datacenter Apple's data is located such as AWS from Amazon or Azure from Microsoft.

Why should I move to the "Cloud"?

For a business owner, it all about the benefits. 
  • Grows and shrinks with your business demands
  • Accessible data and services
  • Redundancy
  • Costs are typically an OPEX vs CAPEX expenditure
How secure is the "Cloud"?

Security should be a focus that what ever product or service a business considers whether cloud or premise based should always be in mind. When Computel works with a client security is always a priority. Cloud services are no different in premised based services where you need backups, firewall, anti-virus, or anti-malware to be used and updated regularly.