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Nortel Assurance Services

Available to all SMB Business Partners, SMB Assurance Services offer a comprehensive choice of end-user maintenance service contracts. These are purchased directly from your Nortel Distributor and are set-up to deliver contracted services directly between Nortel and either the end-user customer or yourselves.

SMB Assurance Services are available as single product or full solutions contracts.
BCM Assurances services

           The main BCM cabinet, which includes the system software, is covered under a contract which is purchased directly from the manufacturer (Nortel).  The Nortel supplied assurance services is strongly recommended as it gives you, the customer and Computel personnel, access to any maintenance patches and technical support from Nortel. This assurance service also guarantees that a replacement system would be shipped next day by Nortel should your BCM system ever fail.   We do not feel this service is an option as if you do not have a registered agreement with Nortel; Computel’s capability to provide support services to your firm is severely inhibited.  The Nortel Express Technology Support Agreement is available via email upon request.